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My Name is Ramin Fazel-Yekta and I have developed many intriguing design projects. I enjoy being creative with the adobe creative suite. I use and have a skill set in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I have an aesthetic knowledge of color theory typography design layout image manipulation and production. I enjoy working with many people to develop designs that work for the clients needs. As a deaf student using the Adobe Suite, I have developed many designs for my family and friends that have businesses. I also have experience with CS1, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and computer information systems. I hope you will enjoy my portfolio.

Work Experience:

      Proficient in:

             Microsoft Office:

              • Word

              • Excel
              • Powerpoint

         Adobe Creative Suites:

             • Adobe Illustrator

             • Adobe Photoshop

             • Adobe InDesign

             • Adobe Dreamweaver

        Programming Languages:

            • HTML   

            • CSS

            • Javascript


        Operating Systems:

           • Mac

           • Windows

           • ChromeOs


     Customer Service
     Problem analysis – Problem-Solving Analytical thinking Programming languages
     Common operating systems Software proficiency Technical writing
     Project management
     Data Analysis

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